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A Tim is a terrible and simplistic joke, normally a one-liner. Sometimes these jokes are so bad they are actually funny.
Named after a friend's dad (called Tim) who makes consistantly bad one-liners
Does anyone know where Peterhead is?
Aye, its on Peter's shoulders
Aww that was a tim

Put the kettle on
But it won't fit
You just made a tim

Careful, watch that chair
Why does it do tricks
Thats a tim
by Jaimie Torrance August 24, 2006

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1 Similar to pussy metal, where a band attempts to sound heavy,and really really doesn't.
2 When a band is heavy but sounds so heavy it becomes boring.
3 Where a band tries and fails to emulate the unique sound of some iconic band.
4 When a band is just loud and repetative because they can't invent anything original.
5 When a musician uses a specialised instrament and just uses it normally (like having a six string bass and only using the one string)
(1)Korn, Cradel Of Filth, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach,Marlyon Manson, Murder Dolls, In Flames
(2)Slipknot, Strapping Young Lad, In Flames
(3)Trivium, In Flames
(4)Trivium, Slipknot, Strapping Young Lad, Papa Roach,In Flames
(5)Cradel Of Filth, Papa Roach, Trivium, Marlyon Manson, In Flames
Man that band's shite they only play "Wank Metal"

I thought that would be a good gig but it was just "wank metal"

I thought you had good taste but you listen to "wank metal"

Ha you listen to "wank metal" ... Ya Wanker!!

by Jaimie Torrance August 24, 2006

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