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A female who is down with the Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic records, goes more than just being a fan, as they take it as a way of life and more seriously. Someone who feels the "calling" of the dark carnival when they listen to ICP and others, and who would do anything to defend their juggalo family. A common misconception is that all of these juggalettes are fat, ugly, trailer trash, sluts, etc. Not true at all for all of these females, some may fit said description, but some can be thin to average, beautiful, successful, self respecting, and smart. Some of them graduate high school and go to college. These girls are usually attracted to juggalos, or are just down homies with them. They will often use terms like "WHOOP WHOOP to let their presence be known to their other homies, and "MCL" or "MMFWCL", (Much clown love) and (Much motha fuckin wicked clown love). Most of these girls do not like it when you fuck with them and will own your ass in a fight if you say the wrong thing. If you are nice to them they are usually the chillest ppl you will know, juggalo/lette or not. They usually smoke a lot of bud but not all of them.
Sexy, Smart, But Sometimes Rare Juggalette: WHOOP WHOOP, i just got my admissions letter back to ___________ University, and now I'm starting in the fall!!!
Down Juggalo: Damn ninjette, thats hella tight.
Other Juggalette: Let's go smoke some herb.
All: Hell yea.

by Jack Jeckellette June 29, 2010

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