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One who accepts money for "wetwork" or the assassination of others. A hitman. There are about 500 "gangsta" movies out there that unrealistically portray suppossed contract killers who go soft and become the good guys. Usually black ghetto homies are portrayed as the benevolent "gangstas", but everyone knows that the best of the best are usally professional white ex military/Italian mafiosos /Russian mafiosos who know what they're doing and don't pull up in front of their contract's house blaring rap music in a retarded looking "pimp-mobile" hummer H2 with lights on the bottom. Usually but not always in formal business attire. Weapon of choice is generally a silenced 9 millimeter pistol, but some of the better and more adacious (or crazy) bring out the heavy stuff, Colt Anacondas, .357s, assualt rifles, SAWs etc. The best have military connections for LAWs and RPGs, and other stuff that might be needed for the execution of their contract.
Those stupid Bloods down the street kept drawing unnecessary attention to the business matters we have been pursuing, so I had to hire a contract killer to appropriate everything below their leader's neck. I hope that now the stupid "hommie" bitches will conduct themselves with more discretion and temperance.
by Jack Death March 15, 2005
Nature. More specifically, the inherent organizing intelligence within nature (Logos) that runs through the universe (God's body) like honey through a honey cone. Often thought of as a large humanoid figure in the sky who sends people who jerk off to a fiery place called Hell, "God" has killed, through his many, divided followers, more men than cancer.
For those who disbelieve in God, a painful doom awaits-- The "Holy" Quran
by Jack Death March 25, 2005