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Usually a younger woman who will follow their favourite band/musician while on tour. They can sometimes be the band's/musician's muse. They will do anything to be closer to the band, ie: sleeping with the band or anyone that will get them to the band.
A young woman who has a one way love with a band/musician.
The young woman can sometimes turn into an industry girl.
I loved everything about that band and I slept with them a few times... I was such a groupie.

References: Almost Famous, Rockstar (movie).

by Jaci March 04, 2004

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The product of a noted evolutionary conglomoration of three beings into one due mostly to excessive co-dependence and poorly executed CRT(read: College to Reality Transition). Lenielle is not a fictional character but can actually be spotted out in the wild, usually, however, in bars, on the weekends. The breakdown is as follows; Lori (L) Jennifer (en) Danielle (ielle) and one must take note that when refering to only one-third of "Lenielle" that particular third must be verbally emphasized.
Random Dude: "I saw Lenielle the other night."
Random Dude 2: "Yea, lenIELLE was giving out bracelets with butterflies on them."
Random Dude: "Weird."
by Jaci February 28, 2005

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background: used as a word in place of "chillin'"
means: hanging out, cool & collective, "cool as a cucumber"
We was ginormyn like a stork with a pickled fork. ;)
by Jaci June 08, 2004

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