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The area code for the state of West Virginia. (AKA) DUB-V
Billy: Hey, I like how you are reppin' the 304 on your new fitted cap.
Mac Daddy: Da Mac Daddy gotta keep it fresh son. You know how we do up here in DUB-V.
by JMang December 03, 2007

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A girl or a guy that you don't really know but take to a party to get them drunk in hopes to be able to hook up with them sexually or emotionally.
Jim- Who are you going to the party with tonight?
Bill- Well I plan on taking Jenn as my party date, but I don't know if she will be up for it or not. Sarah is my back-up party date if all else fails.
by JMang March 12, 2008

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A shitty place that has nothing fun to do in it.
Man that town was a Berkeley Springs times two.
by JMang August 09, 2006

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