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Used to describe an abnormally hairy vagina.
"Mom! There's a wolf spider by that lady's open-faced roast beef sandwich!"
by JJ Cherry September 27, 2007
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1. Person with a butt-chin.

2. A person with a cleft in their chin.
"My favorite part of your face is your ass. You ass-face!"
by JJ Cherry March 02, 2007
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Another name for breasts or meat balloons.
"Tanya ain't gonna be at work for a few weeks, she's gettin her baby suckers did."
by JJ Cherry February 22, 2007
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1. Slang word for colorful makers.

2. colorful felt-tip markers
Dad: "Stop coloring son! Pick up your fucking play pretties!"
Son: "Fuck off motha-fucka! This picture's fuckin dope!"
by JJ Cherry March 02, 2007
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