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Before you look up this definition, first look up the term "Prayer" by JG IS RIPPIN. Now if you have read Prayer you will understand this. When somebody has the ultimate prayer in anything one person yells, "PRAYER"! and the other person yells, "ANSWERED"!
A kid who sucks at basketball, is in the game towards the very end, and gets the ball and shoots it and wins the game. You and your friends can chant, "PRAYER ANSWERED!"

Your friend who is ugly gets a hot girls phone number by her coming up to her. As she walks away, you say PRAYER ANSWERED!
by JG IS RIPPIN February 21, 2011
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Use this word when something very unlikely happens, or if somebody does something completely stupid but somehow in the end it works out for them
If some kid turns around in a kids face and just throws the ball in the air, you can just scream PRAYER!

In math class if you get called on for a problem, and you aren't paying attention, and you just say a random number and get it correct, you and your friends can all look at eachother and say PRAYER!
by JG IS RIPPIN February 21, 2011
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