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A squat fat man, who likes to eat babies: molester of tall people...
Oh no, Siringo's molesting tall people again.... gaurd your babies...oh no, Dalton,he's going to eat little Jimmy!!!
by JFK phreaks November 07, 2003

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an awesome lang arts teacher that left us for retarded rich christian kids.
by JFK Phreaks October 01, 2004

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the bhf who dyed his hair purple. Therefore, we now call him phf insteads of bhf. see bhf
Me:OMG, the bhf dyed his hair... what the hell color is that?
You: Uhh, idk, i think it's purple, wait, you can still see the blue.
Me: oh... I agree with munkey, the blue was better.
by JFK phreaks November 09, 2003

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An old senile man, who's a child molester, and fucks goats and chickens.
Don't touch me there Ferrauto, oh no, not the goats again!
by JFK PHREAKS October 28, 2003

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