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"Oy vey zmir"... that doesnt say much either, but its a yiddish phrase, and you can not really translate yiddish to english. The best defintion would be "oh boy or oh my gosh!"
"Oy gevalt, im soo tired, i need to go to bed but i have too much homework."
by JBS May 7, 2003
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Another way of spelling or saying the word Jews.
by JBS July 12, 2003
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Racial Slur directed at blacks.

Blacks are sometimes called monkeys (which swing on trees) and are therefore called tree swingers.
Hey tree swinger, why dont you go up there and get me some apples?
by JBS July 9, 2004
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One who studies an issue or a topic thoroughly or excessively: leading a talkathon of policy wonks in a methodical effort to build consensus for his programs
by JBS July 12, 2003
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