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noun. Sexy, (sub)Urban DJ hailing from Champaign, IL.
Did you hear the new DJ Spinnerty mix CD? It's full-bodied without being pretentious!
by JAT August 12, 2004
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a word used by a white person when he feels like a packy, so he uses slang to make that person feel like shit, so they can judge that person as packy.
racist:i feel like shit
innocent:i feel good
racist:i will giv him my shit energy
innocent:i feel like shit - that person must have advanced skill in dealing with being -ve.how does he do it?
what am i doing to give me this bad karma?
by JAT October 10, 2004
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a moron who wants to spend time with you more than you want to spend time with them, because they cannot stand their own company.
'i need some help?'
'why?'because i want an escuse to spend time with you!'
by JAT October 10, 2004
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Means that you are superior to a group of others, in control, the boss, etc.
On its own - i.e. I own you bitches...
by JAT December 15, 2004
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a person that want's to get closer to you so that can harm you, slod these people they are so invincible that mr karma will leave them alone.
normal person : here he comes:i wish he'd fuck off : i only talked to him out of politeness.
by JAT October 10, 2004
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