3 definitions by J.J. Thompson

1. Semen (only when reffered to as in definition 2.)
2. The act of giving a woman (or man) multiple facials, usually simultaneously and with 3 to 15 or more men providing the semen. The woman is then instructed to "Eat the hot cobbler," and to do so she must carefully collect all of the semen from her face and eat it.
3. A male participant in the act described in definition 2.
1. "Did you see her swallow all of our hot cobbler?"
2. "Let's give her a hot cobbler she'll never forget."
3. "He's perverted."
"How so?"
"He's a hot cobbler."
"Oh, I see."
by J.J. Thompson December 31, 2004
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Noun: Generic urban-inspired term for the act or idea of rough or unusual sex.
Adjective: One who enjoys rough or unusual sex.
Tyrone: "Why is that bitch getting freaknasty with 3 men at once in a public place?"
Ice Cube: "She had a traumatic and abusive childhood."
Tyrone: "Oh. Damn."
by J.J. Thompson October 15, 2003
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A corruption of the word "faggot." Used most often in internet verbal battles. Also could be used to refer to a bundle of sticks.
1. Look at that pencil-pusher, he is a total fagort.

2. Light the fagort, we need it to start a fire.
by J.J. Thompson October 6, 2003
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