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An actor who unfortunately made racist rants at a comedy club, and now has to suffer rehab and all those stupid things. The things he said were morally wrong, but it was obvious that he was simply angry at those men, and when we are angry we say the things that we think will hurt them the most. He clearly has anger management problems, but it's unfair for men like Al Sharpton to be trying to completely destroy him for it.
Wow that was stupid of Michael Richard to say the things he said. Now Michael Richards can't convince anyone that he may not be a racist.
by J-O-Rizzle-Dizzle April 12, 2007

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Contrary to frequent generalization, this word can have two meanings.
1. A person who is very nice, friendly, and makes an effort to talk to everyone. Abilities and looks may vary.
2. A person who has the right personality that makes them able to exert domination over others, and be the one that their own gender envies and the opposite gender lusts after. Usually unintelligent, snobbish, and self-centered.
1. Wow Paul talks to everyone. He's really popular.

2. Lisa has a snotty yet charismatic personality. All the girls envy her and all the guys want her. She's popular.
by J-O-Rizzle-Dizzle April 15, 2007

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