2 definitions by J-LEW#99

When working in a Huhtamaki America's Mill, a person who stacks plates on any machine other than B-13 while it is running FRANKA, or any person who has never packed the afformentioned FRANKA 4 cup carrier. The Stacker Bitch will be known as such until he/she has done the said job, and also will be punished by back seat car rides until he/she has done the job. A Stacker Bitch is a human Pinata, so bash away when you see one!
Me: Jon is such a Stacker Bitch!
Drew: I know, He's been on B-14 all day. Make that stacker bitch ride in the back!
Me: Consider it done!
by J-LEW#99 July 20, 2009
Drinko de Mayo is the great Mexican holiday which falls during the month of May. This holliday is not held to any schedule like the ever so regulated "Cinco de Mayo", or May 5th in our native English tongue. Drinko de Mayo is the holiday that celebrates the consumption of copius amounts of Tequila, by men women and children alike. This holiday is often attended by college students on or around finals, and wearing a sombrero is not required, but is generally preferred.
Finals??? On Drinko de Mayo??? WTF man?!

"Are you guys going out tonight?"
"Hells yeah, I got a handle of Cuervo, its Drinko de Mayo, Baby!!!!"
by J-LEW#99 May 3, 2010