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A ritual highly known amongst the north eastern part of the U.S.A. In which one indulges in a series of various ways to "Get Fucked Up"

An official Jason Jody consists of :
1- 1 shot J.D.
2- 2 Beers one shotgunned and 1 funneled.

3- 3 shots of 3 different vodkas
4- 4 puffs on a fat joint
5- 5 mikes hard lemonades chugged
6- 6 tabs of any grade acid you can get your hands on.
7- 7 grams of mushrooms orally consumed
8 -8 cigs to have while your trip takes effects
9 -9 huge bong hits
10-10 1 more bong hit, instead of weed one fattely packed bowl of 80x saliva.
Damn, jay completed the (The) Jason Jody last night!!!
by J-Avez February 02, 2011

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