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(a)A person who would rather do nothing than learn something.
(b)Someone who is unknowing and wanting not to know.
MAN:Come here and I'll show you how to use the new dishwasher.
WOMAN:No, I'd rather not know.
MAN:Quit being ignorant and get over here!

Your so ignorant, I'm suprised you ever learned how to breathe!

I wish my grandparents would stop being ignorant about computers so i could send them an e-mail

by J u l e s January 21, 2007
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A type of marajuana that is in a league of its own. The 'high' achieved is totally different from the other types of weed. It has a higher potency than any other grade of harvested weed. Dro is hydropnically grown, indoors, in a medium other than soil; with controlled light, temperature humidity, and precise amounts of nutrients delivered directly to the root system. A pump circulates the nutrient rich water constantly over the roots, allowing the marijuana plant to increase its amounts of THC exponentialy giving it a white, fuzzy appearance and a very high potency.
There are many grades of marijuana: Shwag, regalatti, mids, sinsemilla, dank, super dank... and then theres dro.

Me and my peeps got sooo stoned smokin' that dro, we couldn't even drive much less get off the couch.

by J u l e s March 14, 2007
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