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A sexual position in which the male stands on the female's back and leans over the top of her head to bite her eyebrows. The male then moves his head vigorously back and forth as he holds onto her eyebrows with his teeth. This can be repeated as necessary until an orgasm is induced.

*Note: may also be a male
**The female must absolutely not be the king in this position. Women must always be the fish. An attempt to violate this will result in immediate castration.
"Mmmmm baby you ARE the king fisher!"

"Dude I saw my mom and dad doing this weird thing last night!..."

next morning..."uhhh what a night...wow, my eyebrows hurt....wait..FUCK! ALDIN! I TOLD YOU NOT TO KING ME WHILE IM DRUNK!!!!""Sorry baby, I couldn't resist the urge. Your eyebrows are just so..so tempting..and delectable..and i just wanna..i wanna..uuhhh god again!"

If you're looking to spice up your sex life in alternative, progressive, and green ways then the kingfisher is for you. Also, if you're having trouble pleasing your woman because you have needle dick syndrome, chode syndrome, have a small penis, or just suck at being a dude, then this is a cheap way to show your girl you know how to satisfy her.

Happy Fishin!
by IzaDoozMasta May 18, 2009

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