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I see so many joke lost pause submissions so that's why I put it in as the true definition of a lost pause.
by Ivv October 27, 2017
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Ligma is a rare disease where hair will start growing from your tongue, it wrathful deteriorates to the point that you have cut it off but if it's untreated it will become deadly. the disease is contracted usually when one is licking the male genitalia, especially where the sperm eggs are located. another way you can say how you contracted is called licking balls. another name for Ligma called tongue AIDS.
some people think Ligma is contracted from communication but that is a complete and other rumor, just saying the name of the disease or asking what it, is won't give you the disease. to avoid the disease don't lick balls, popular fortnite streamers have been licking balls and dying from disease.but there have been cases where licking ass will contracted the disease. but it has yet to be confirmed that patients have Ligma.
by Ivv August 3, 2018
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The sensation of your digestive system gases going up to your breath. It usually happens if you have a stomach ache.
I never saw a person ever talk about diarrhea breath and there's no page talking about it so I'm the one who's going to do it
by Ivv October 27, 2017
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