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A pretty small city in granville county, typically characterized by overly racist people on all sides of the fence. The best thing about it is the new wal-mart if that says anything...The library is finally being rebuilt. There's a really cool museum in the old jailhouse (where else IS there for a museum?!). New food places include cookout, bojangles, and the kick ass mexican restaurant mazatlan. 96 buffet is sketch though.
WOW! Oxford, North Carolina has a BOJANGLES now?!
by IshovelPOO January 10, 2011

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Population (per sq in): Holidays-7,128.5

Avg Summer Day- 831


Location: Northern Raleigh, NC

Description: Falls Lake is a lake in North Carolina that was built in the 1970s. It has gorgeous natural scenery and is the source of Raleigh's drinking water. The swim beaches are widely used during the summer as outdoor toilets and public landfills. Most campgrounds are put to use as outdoorsy brothels and saloons.

Natural species include but are not limited to: gray squirrels, white tailed deer, bald eagles, foxes, rabbits, illegal aliens, cadavers, convicts
Man: "Hey hun, where should we vacation this summer?"
Wife: "Oh, Falls Lake!"
Man: "Awesome, that's cheap, close and affordable! Plus I don't feel inclined to dispose of my trash properly while I'm there!"
by IshovelPOO January 10, 2011

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