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To giggle & snort through the nose simultaneously

The action that describes giggling (laughing with repeated short, spasmodic sounds) with the mouth closed, with the only place of release for the giggles via the nostrils lol
During the sad occasion she knew it was inappropriate to laugh out loud and so managed to sniggle quietly much to her delight & to the embarrassment of her weeping friend.
by IsaiahDee September 30, 2009
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the facial expression made when:

1)An individual hears or sees something 'heartrending' and reacts by screwing their face up as if they had just eaten lots of lemons

2) an individual is deeply upset and looks bitter
"man, trust me when she started singing I was showing bare lemons"

"I aint into that girl, she just looks lemons"
by IsaiahDee June 07, 2005
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