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A giant who has hunger pangs and loves her caretaker, whom she ate. Has a sneakylink called Brook and basically is the hottest character in one piece. Has many relatives and children, one of them being a Nami copy and paste.Her parents took steroids while baring Charlotte and thats why she is big as hell. Probably one of the hottest bitches you ever seen.
" Charlotte LinLin is hotter than Nami and Robin!!
by Is4b3ll3 April 26, 2022
Honto ni or Hontou ni is a Japanese word that basically means " Really? ".
" Are you honto ni sure about this? "

" When did you start learning Japanese? "
by Is4b3ll3 April 15, 2022
Momonsuke is a pervert who slept with 2 girls. Although he is a pervert, he actually has a sad backstory. But I still don't forgive him.
"Momonosuke! stop trying to sleep with Nami! You..!!"
by Is4b3ll3 April 16, 2022