5 definitions by Iraqi-predator

An insult towards a one and only person. It originated from 'Masterzab' which is the username of a fag in a game called Runescape. Someone added 'fat' on it instead of 'master'
Masterzab: Lol i own you!

Noob: stfu fatzab! nooooooob
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010
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An insult which has no particular relevance whatsoever to its actual meaning "Bag of jews", its mainly used in the same directory as 'Ass' ass
Hussam: ur an ass head

Moh: jewbag.
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010
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A homosexual person, with the head of a peanut.
Zack: Hey, look at that faggot over there with the peanut head!

Hussam: Hahaha, what an adildo!
by Iraqi-predator July 17, 2010
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Someone who is fat like a pig and has a big afro, like Chester, the child molester. The word was created by Hussam.
Hussam: Die piggy!

Chester: Bwaaaaaahh stop kickin me u idiot

Hussam: Shut up you afropig!
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010
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A word that is very commonly used by Hussam, Moh, and Ray. It first originated from a 'noob' in a game called RuneScape when he was begging for money and screamed out "I WANT MY ASSING 100M!"
Ray: Lol you got owned by riot shield noob

Hussam: Stop being an ass!


Hussam: lololol just grenaded your zombies

Moh: ass you


Moh: you look like an ass head

Ray: no u
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010
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