3 definitions by IppikiRouka

A mix of all of the drink you can get your hands on. This is based on a childhood idea where you essentially mix all of the soda in a soda fountain and call it "suicide."
The loser will have to drink a suicide stew of all of the La Croix we can get.
by IppikiRouka September 5, 2018
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A fully-completed work; twice as much work as doing it half-assed.
"I could just do a half-assed job of covering the topic in 3 minutes, but I'm going to try to give you both cheeks here."
by IppikiRouka October 14, 2018
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Having a severe sexual attraction for the elderly or senior citizens, particularly for the interested party who is many years younger.
A: "I think your grandma is hot!"
B: "Gross, I think you have a case of gray fever."
by IppikiRouka November 13, 2021
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