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Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man.

The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boytoy.
"That golddigging tramp was never in love with him; she was in love with his money."
by Ion August 10, 2005
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A man (usually older and well-off) who financially supports a younger woman (or man) in exchange for sex and companionship.
"That car she's driving has 'Sugar Daddy' written all over it"
by Ion August 10, 2005
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1. a real dumb ass, see jagbag or dumbfuck; 2. the fella who typed in numdnuts
Numbnuts forgot to wipe his ass after he pooped. There were peanuts in the poop.
by ION October 27, 2003
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