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A really really really rubbish worthless waste of life. Failed gangster. Culturally stunted. Probably called Wayne, Dwayne, Shayne, Trixie, Roxy, Kirstie...
Wears trousers around ankles and really brightly coloured boxers (if chav). Can't get dressed properly so will probs only be half in hoodie. Chavette's have belly-tops, tight skirts, massive heels, loads of hoops through assorted holes in their bodies...
Basically, wants to fail at everything. Thinks failing is 'cool'. If at school aims to get into fights and get detentions.
if not aims to get into prison or die.
By the age of 12 will be chain smoker, alchy by 14... soon drug-dealing.
If chav probs has 3 pregnant girlfriends, at least two of whom's babies probably aren't actually his.
If chavette has about three chavvy toddlers with double-peirced ears who cry 'woteva' and 'like' and some chav or others baby waiting to pop out...
Should be rounded up and shot.
Chav 1 (Shayne): Like, yo Wayne blud. Like, bling bling. Want some weed? Wazzup woteva? Like, I just failed like all my BTEC's!
Chav 2 (Wayne): Like, get in there, mate! Like, bling bling. Yeah, gimme weed like. I'm gonna get monged blud.
Chav 3 (Dwayne): Lol. Like, get wot i done?
Shayne: Wot, blud?
Dwayne: Like, I banged up Trixie again, blud!
Shayne: wey to go man... i like got like roxy and kirstie up right now like... blud... bling bling
Wayne: Like, wait blud, like... int Kirstie my fly gal? Like, that my baby blud!
Shayne: Yeah, well, like, i got her preggers, blud? u got a problem with that blud?
Wayne: Like, yeah blud! i gonna fight u blud!
Shayne: Bring it on blud! Bling bling!
Shayne: That babe is bang tidy. BET U WISH THE LIL ****** WAS MINE, DON'T U, GAL? HA HA HA!
Wayne: Well fly. Pass me some weed, Shayne, blud.
Shayne: Like, alright blud.
Dwayne: Bling Bling. Woteva.
by IntellectualObserver August 02, 2011
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