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2 definitions by InsolentEnlightenedApe

18th century Scottish philosopher and historian. Considered one of the "British Empiricists" along with Locke and Berkeley. Known for his dry, understated style of argumentation, Hume's arguments undermined among other things, the credibility of miracles, the notion of intelligent design, and the traditional philosophical underpinnings for the existence of God. His works "A Treatise of Human Nature", "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding", "An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals" and "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion" are all considered classics of Western philosophy.
Read David Hume if you want to get schooled in philosophy, you dumb Platonic chump.
by InsolentEnlightenedApe August 9, 2010
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1. A mattress made of meat. 2. A progressive metal band from Marietta, GA, USA that existed from 2002-2004.
For God's sake, don't lay down on that meatress unless you want dogs to attack you when you get up...
by InsolentEnlightenedApe January 11, 2010
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