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Derived from the word Squish. Used by gamers and computer geeks.

1. More of a catch phrase, than a defined word. Has many meanings.
2. Can mean yes or convey acceptance.
3. Can be used as a greeting.
4. In the online game BF2: To squish a player with a supply box, Kill a player by landing a Helicopter on top of them, or run them over in a Vehicle.

Alternate spelling: $q\/\/33$|-|
(EWC)HisChadness : We pwnd you.
(EWC)Zalitek : Sqweesh!!!


(EWC)TomViolence : Whats up man!
(EWC)InnocntBystndr : Sqweesh
by Innocnt February 09, 2006

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Derived from the word noob. Meaning new or inexperienced. Can be used jokingly or as an insult.
(EWC)Cobra : I just got in game, Whats up!
(EWC)InnocntBystndr : Sup Scooby Noobert


llama1 : sry for the TK
(EWC)Achilles : Noobert!
by Innocnt February 10, 2006

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