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Mozilla Firefox with Netscape's logo
Netscape 9 is a copy of Firefox.
by InSaNeBaGeLmAn August 05, 2007
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A person who uses Microsuck Intergay Exploder.
Bill: I use Firefox
Phil: I use Internet Explorer
Bill: Go away Iegger!
by InSaNeBaGeLmAn August 05, 2007
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Liberapedia is a parody of conservapedia that makes there articles incredibly liberal.
Now with 100% more truth.
I edit Liberapedia as Elassint.
by InSaNeBaGeLmAn October 28, 2007
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1. A word used by Retards to insult someone with asbergers syndrome.
2. An emo who says he has asbergers symndrome just to make himself look spacial.
1. UMMMM,,,, i cant think of one, sorry.
2. That ass pie was using his status as an aspie to make the girls like him better.
by InSaNeBaGeLmAn September 07, 2007
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