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A psychiatric condition characterized by violent, aggressive, and entitled outbursts toward successful members of society.
Although the direct cause of Gorilla Warfare outbursts remain unknown, genetics, long term illicit drug use, and dependence on SSDI or (Social Security Disability Income) for extended periods of time are suspected to be contributing factors.
by Iknowuseeit02 June 1, 2022
A trifling ass hoe with no ass or titties. Whoreau is a slang term used to refer to a prostitute with French origin.
I didn’t have my chips straight back in 2019, so I had to settle for a Whoreau instead of a real woman.
by Iknowuseeit02 January 31, 2023
The former Governor of New York, most commonly known for his mob ties and passion for sexual assault.
In 2021, Andrew Chomo, resigned from office amidst numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.
by Iknowuseeit02 June 1, 2022