6 definitions by Ihatekpop

It's a synonym for talkative. Use it in your essay child, use it.
Person 1: 'bla bla bla bla BLa blA BLA...' Person 2: "OMG, Person 1 is so loquacious!
by Ihatekpop August 1, 2018
Get the idea loser, they hate you. They never liked you. They don't wanna hang with you. Block em.
'Sorry, I've got plans tonight.' says qwa.
by Ihatekpop August 1, 2018
A savage, extroverted individual who displays themselves outstandingly. They usually adore themselves and so do others too. Sometimes they can be a little aggressive, however, its nothing compared to their charisma and joy. They have the most wonderful smile.
Wow! Look at Quan!
Quan is awsome!
by Ihatekpop June 12, 2018
A combination of 'splat' and 'splosh' and other things that um err ya.
SPLATOOSH! Went Jeffery.
by Ihatekpop August 1, 2018