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“2020 was an eye-opening year, it shed light on who were the decent caring human beings and who were the scums of the Earth. It brought to light many Karens and ignorant little self centered brats who are apathetic to other people’s safety by not following the very simple rule of wearing a piece of cloth over one’s nose & mouth and staying a manageable distance away from one another.
Not to mention, 2020 birthed many anti-vaxxers—Those creatures who want to stir up an elaborate controversy as a cover up for the fact they don’t want to trouble themselves with the impossible task of getting a vaccine for the sake of the community and their family’s/friend’s wellbeing.”
by Ihadsomerealgoodtacobell January 31, 2023
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The art of smashing ones hand/head/any body part upon the keyboard of a computer or mobile device. It is used in modern times to convey strong emotion, Most commonly used when feeling: HAPPY, PANICKED, ANGER. Millennials and genz alike have adopted this new texting phenomenon.
*Sam, out of pure rage, slammed his hand down on his poor newly bought, blue tooth keyboard. R.I.P. The key smash broke it for good.*
by Ihadsomerealgoodtacobell July 12, 2022
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