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Siren Head is a thin, 40-foot tall mummified creature that has 2 air raid like Sirens as its head that are rumoured to blast out a variety of disturbing sounds such as strange music, number station recordings, tornado sirens, national emergency broadcasts, police radio recordings and snippets of human conversations, but what makes siren head even more disturbing, is that he can even broadcast his victims final moments. He is known and capable to lure people towards him by imitating their loved ones. His arms stretch down to his feet and are known for snatching his victims in the woods, because of its long, lanky wood-like legs, people mistake him for trees as they are gone for walk in the woods. So, the next time you go out for a walk in the woods, beware because Siren Head could be there...
Who is Siren Head?
by Icxyy December 22, 2019
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A person who watches anime and listens to nightcore in there free time.
Severeptic is an Icxyy
by Icxyy January 22, 2019
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