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A member of The Amazon Basin (D2 guild)

One from the North land of ice and wind.

Icewind = cool farts
Don't stand downwind of Icewind
by Icewind April 20, 2005

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South African term describing the feeling of being wasted on narcotics, particularly Ecstacy.
I double-dropped party-smarties about an hour ago, and just schnarffed a bullet. I'm so f*ckin' shmangled!
by Icewind March 01, 2005

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Smarties are a kind of candy, chocolate with candy coating. They're round and come in a multitude of colours. Party-smarties are ecstacy pills. They're also round and come in a multitude of colours. And they're good for parties. Did I mention they were round?.... But I have seen triangular ones before....
We just need to stop and pick up some party-smarties on our way to dinner with your mother.
by Icewind March 04, 2005

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