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(n.) Stupid, ignorant, often illiterate moron with no respect for other human beings. Generally have very bad taste in music and clothing, they are afraid of anything vaguely complicated or different. Commonly speak like dis m8, innit. txt tlk isnt kl m8, so dnt use it, k?! (These stupid creatures are easily outwitted)
1. 'Go faster' stripes.
2. Burbery.
3. White trainers(especially nike or reebok).
4. tlkin like a moron m8 innit
5. Thick 'gold' chain worn round neck.
6. Soveriegn rings.
7. Big hoopy earings.
8. Listens to rap, hip-hop,r&b and/or dance style music.
9.Hate goths.
10.Difficult to understand.
You're getting bored! All of these are signs of chavvyness!
by Iamme123 December 19, 2005

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