4 definitions by IPitFukOnYou

A gift you give to someone who you hate. It is delivered by throwing it through their window or at their head with a note attached. The note should contain an insulting adjective or a demeaning adverb.
I really hate Nicky so when he was feeling good about himself, so I gave him a brick!
by IPitFukOnYou June 3, 2016
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Verb: The any of telling your son or daughter they are gay.
I was just gaysplaining to my son that he is a queer!
by IPitFukOnYou July 26, 2016
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V: The action of telling your son he is gay.
NnEarlier I had to gaysplain to my son how he is a queer.
by IPitFukOnYou July 18, 2016
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When a hipster eats nothing but fruit rollups and shits their pants.
The hipster ate only fruit rollups for three days and had jean jam for the next five.
by IPitFukOnYou April 3, 2016
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