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A funny, cool, sexy and honest man who can be your worst nightmare if you fuck with him.
Plus all the hoes want him because he is so unbelieveably sexy and kind at the same time.
He also is a beast at eating pussy.
Stefan is having a hard time at the moment and trying to deal with his issues but you cant tell because he plays it of so good.
Hot Girl: Ayoooo did you see this guy? He seems so cold but nice and lovely at the same time.
Friend: Yeah I know him, thats Stefan, I want his Tongue inside my Pussy
by ILovePussyandAss69 February 13, 2017
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Another word for tobacco.
As in "whack tobacco"
Often used by Stoners.
Jason: "Ayee man why u smokin that waccy-baccy, just stick to weed"

BaccySmokerSteve: "You know me foo I like my spliffs the European way"
by ILovePussyandAss69 November 6, 2018
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