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A 'Sheree' Is a beautiful, and intelligent girl. Will wait for the right guy to become sexual, mostly till marriage. Is shy when around her crush, and doesn't like to kiss when a lot of people are around. A 'Sheree' Is a very talented, and amazing girl. She is the go-to person for advice, and will always be there for you. She is always reliable, and responsible. Anybody would die to be her friend. She doesn't care what anybody says about her, and just keeps going on in life.

A 'Sheree' Falls for a guy easily, But; doesn't get over him easily. Break her heart, and you will regret it a lot. She is Beautiful, and loving. You won't be disappointed you met her.
"Omg! I wish I knew Sheree. Everybody tells me she's nice"
"Yeah, I heard that too. She's really pretty also."
by ILoveArianaGrande November 8, 2013
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