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A morph of the words ciao and out. Especially good as an email closing.
Let me know what you think about getting together next weekend. Ciaout!
by IHaveThat45 March 08, 2007

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The combination of autumn decorations and Halloween decorations. After October 31st, Thanksgiving items replace the Halloween items.
I begin my falloween decorating with sunflowers, apples and silk fall leaves, at the end of August. In October, I bring out the haybales, cornstalks, Jack-o-lanterns and spooky decor. After Halloween, I keep a couple of uncarved pumpkins out and bring out the pilgrims, turkeys and cornucopias. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I put everything away and begin decorating for Christmas!
by IHaveThat45 October 31, 2007

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Kissing that's toned-down on the passion. It's the opposite of French Kissing, because you keep your "wagons in the barn."
As they begin to make-out, Sue sneezes and says, "I better go home, I feel a little congested." Greg, who really doesn't want the evening to end so soon, says, "Oh, that's okay, we can just engage in some Amish kissing."
by IHaveThat45 March 24, 2008

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