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A prep school located in Danbury, Connecticut where students from around Fairfield County and New York attend. 98% white and 2% other. Around 400 students attend IHS. Wonderful little school full of rich preppy stoners who think they are awsome and drive somewhat decent cars such as audis, SUV's, and mercedes. Basically take all the nicest cars out of any parking lot and put them there. The girls soccer team is pretty nasty, and the baseball team is good. They try and talk trash, but arent hood enough to back it up. yea. thats it. They party hard, when there is a good party, rare though since all the good parties have gotten busted and ended by the POlice. I know a kid who got expelled there and they wear uniforms. skirts and ties. skirts+kneesocks+shirt=girls. pants+tie+shirt=boy=madd gay
If a girl is in the mall wearing polo and birks, chances are she goes to immaculate high school

If a guy is in the mall and has long messy hair and looks stoned chances are he goes to immaculate high school
by IHSsucks.goBHS January 10, 2006

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