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Definition of a great guy. Makes us laugh. Looks out for people. Mediator, Mentor, Gamer, boyscout, singer, can beat boxes like a master, My lover, and hates anyone that hurts his family or friends. Good with kids. Takes his time when others rush the play. An all around great person that I am lucky to love in my life. Even in the falkward situation it happened. Makes the best pillow when I need one. Great to game with. Pretty good cook, but grills even better. He's this woman's LOL i.e. Love of Life. Others could try and I dare them to. You'll see just how much he loves his woman when you do. Wish for one like him and find it in some one else. This Eric's taken and so is his woman.
He's not gay or stupid--Ignore all A-hole definitions of an Eric.

Liz: Hey Eric! can we through the football? Momma catch!
Eric: Give me a tick the grill is heating up!
Kel: Got it;)
Ty: Eric, you coming?
Eric(laughs): Hold on bud, I'm coming
Kel: You need a hand.
Eric: No this is Man's work. Get Some;) Ok, lets go, throw it! Love you woman. Glad you decided not to play stupid coy any more. No more UD. It's beneath who you are.
Ty: Momma catch!
Kel: Got it! I love you too. Alright E, I was trying to bury a hatchet that was stabbed threw my shoulder blade.
Eric: Let a real man work on what you need for once. Go Long!
Kel: *trips into the pool* Got ....*oui*
Liz, Eric, Ty: ROTGLOL
by ICBWY,ILE-TRUE May 02, 2010
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