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Used in face to face conversations when something really random has been said, instead of '...?'
Kate: So how did getting the abducted by aliens go?
Alana: Dot dot dot question mark.
Kate: I KNEW you loved it too much!
by IAmUrStalker December 15, 2010

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-verb, to be screwed by The Alamanator
I was married to The Alamanator for 9 months and have obviously been Alamanated because she got me knocked up with triplets...
by IAmUrStalker December 02, 2010

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An epic being, with a blonde fringe.

Amazing in bed (which everyone knows)
Me: What are you doin tonight?
Ash: Going to the movies with The Alamanator, wanna come?
Me: Sure
by IAmUrStalker November 30, 2010

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