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Goddess of hip-hop and r&b... won 5 grammies for her debut album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and damn well deserved it. Former members of the platinum selling group The Fugees. A wondeful artists and daughter-in-law to the late, great Bob Marley.

Beautiful or Talented
boy1 - Dayyyyum... do you see that fwine broad ova there?

boy2 - Oooweee... that chick is a dime piece... that's a Lauryn Hill if i've ever seen one.
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004

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Keep doing what you're doing pimp.
boy1 - Ay, dawg... i'm bout to leave.

boy2- I'll holla.

boy1 - Okay,pimp steady, ya heard?
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004

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Derived from Daphne Stacks, meaning the stench of a mulattoe. A gesture used among one african-american and mulattoe friend in a joking manner.
Girl you smell like ass swank you damn mulattoe. (Joking Manner)
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004

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A rap artist who was once considered a "wanksta" but has come back with the street joint "New York" which has all of the former haters talking.

50 cent's daddy.
50 cent - Damn daddy.... what are you doing fucking my girl?

Ja Rule - Shut up bitch... you can have this pussy when I'm finished.

50 cent - But she's mine da-

*50 cent is pimp slapped by Ja Rule*
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004

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A very stupid stupid phrase common of Auburn,Alabama.

Meaning "I tricked you."

yays is often preceeded by a phrase of gibberish being responded to by either "huh" or "what". Can sometimes be turned around as shown in example 2.
Brandon: Hey, Sunshine.
Sunshine: Hey.
Brandon: Sabotabo?
Sunshine: Huh?
Brandon: Yays!
Sunshine: Shut up.

Lamar: Sup, Mercedes?
Mercedes:Nuttin' Much, You?
Lamar: salataladat?
Mercedes: Yays!
Lamar: Damn it!
by I. Jackson December 21, 2004

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One of the gayest mothafucka's ever... he's a prime example of a wigger. He had everyone following his wanksta lead until the super bowl incident with Janet Jackson... he didn't want to be black after that. He even tried to grow corn rows once, but cut them off after i threatened to kick his ass for mocking black and white people that way.

Sour Vaginal Ordor.
Keisha - Damn... girl what's that smell comin' from between your legs?

Le Le - What smell? You surious?

Keisha - Yeah bitch... smells like Justin Timberlake.

Le Le - I better schedule a doctor's appointment..
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004

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