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A joint-military organization(except for Marines since they're good for nothing but stopping bullets) based in Washington, DC. WHCA has absolutely no idea how a military unit is supposed to be run and is slightly less organized then a boy scout jamboree. The chain of command is an almost non-existant entity in WHCA, unless you do something that might get you in trouble, then your leadership will magically appear to chew your ass and disappear just as fast.
The main goal of everyone in WHCA is try to make themselves look good, mainly by screwing you over at every chance they can. It looks good on your resume when you get out of the military, which most people do after being in whca for 4-5 years, because they can't stand the mindless, boring, and idiotic taskings that come out every day. You will probably lose your mind and consider physically harming those around you on almost a daily basis. There is no such thing in WHCA as a "day off" since even on your scheduled "days off" you will probably be called to come in to work so you can do some worthless paperwork, or to listen to someone lecture you on things they already sent to you in e-mails.
WHCA is also a great way to waste 4-5 years of life while feeling like you accomplished absolutely nothing and spending even less time with your family then you did when you were deployed.
I really hated spending time with my family so decided to join WHCA 2.0. Now I barely ever see them.
by I would rather be deployed February 19, 2013
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