3 definition by I wish I was black but I can only be a whigger

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Basically, means to just for the person to stop everything he/she is doing and find the nearest gun, point it under their chin and pull the trigger. That way they will no longer bother you and you can get some peace and quiet without their pure bullshit spewing from their mouths. If one continues you to harass you after you say this, you legally have the right to make them discover what your fist tastes like. They cannot sue you for any reason.
Latin origins of GO Fuck yourself:goeth fucketh yourselfus

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The ether of the African-Americans.
Most black people are powerless without a flask of kool aid. This powerful potion gives the black man his pride, spirit, his love, his ability to run fast, his strut, his dignity, his talk, his walk, and all around blackyness. Without Kool-aid an African-American is just another guy. No blackman should travel without his flask of kool-aid. Some black people rely on it so much they inject it into their veins.

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The above author has 7/16 of an inch penis because his example is a blatant ripoff of Maddox and he does not credit him one bit.
I want to shove a knife 7/16 of an inch times a thousand into the above author's throat.

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