4 definitions by HyperKnight

A huge pair of buttcheeks with a highly coveted asshole. These enormous asscheeks rose to superstardom by teasing guys worldwide with the fantasy of fucking them.

After years as a struggling actor, Tony finally landed a small part in a major Hollywood movie. He says if he makes it big, he's gonna try to fuck Jennifer Lopez.
by HyperKnight July 14, 2008
Halle Berry just had a baby and her titties are HUGE. I'd love to drink her titty juice!
by HyperKnight May 24, 2008
Huge breasts, especially ones that break free of a woman's bra.
Salma Hayek is known just as much for her big breasts as she is for her acting. Those bra busters really put on a show of their own!
by HyperKnight May 29, 2008
A picture or a scene from a movie or TV in which one or both of the bare soles of a woman's feet are visible.
With his fondness for women's feet, Sean jumped for joy when he saw Jessica Biel's sole shot from her latest paparazzi beach pics.
by HyperKnight June 10, 2009