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Xorafork is the cutest, hottest, sexiest, tiny dicked guy you'll ever meet. an xorafork just wants to get in bed with you and show off his cute tiny cock
Bro that matthewshay is such an xorafork
by HyperData October 13, 2022
Absolute hell, Usually a lighting designer spend hours on end screaming at it, and not doing their job.
Stage manager: "Stand by for cue"
Stage manager: " GO cue"
Lighting designer: "F**K THIS S**T WHY THE F**K DO I EVEN F**K WITH THIS F**KING S**T"
by HyperData November 3, 2021
Literally the single most useful microphone ever produced. You can throw this mic in front of anything and it will work for years. If it had not been manufactured, every live sound engineer's life would be living hell
Nicknamed the AFI ANY FUCKING INPUT because it is exactly.

Commonly worshiped by tour crews as God
Studio Engineer: Yeah I use a U67 for Vocals and guitar, but I tend to use different microphones for different instruments. Hey what's that in your case?
Tour Engineer: oh that case is full of literal God
Studio: What?
Tour: Shure SM57s are literally fucking God
by HyperData January 14, 2023
Kyra is the most beautiful girl in the school. She is always nice and puts others before herself. Kyra is not shy. She always wants others to be happy. She will not be rude unless you were rude to her. She won’t hesitate to help you. Kyra is the girl that you want to be your friend.
Man I wish that I could be like Kyra.
by HyperData March 18, 2020