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1. Shit
2. To take a shit
1. That dapyan looks disgusting.
2. Holy shit I need to dapyan!
by Hurkle March 22, 2005

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An actor who is constantly slammed because everyone thinks he is a sissy and because stupid teenage girls fawn over him, but he really is a pretty nice guy if you get to know him. It's not his fault that stupid teens think he's the hottest of the hot and make him look bad.
Orlando Bloom is cool.
by Hurkle March 23, 2005

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A horny, sex deprived person who resembles a leprechaun and masturbates on an hourly basis.
Bob: Hey Vato Loco! Had any sex lately?
Vato Loco: Does it count if it was with myself?
by Hurkle February 25, 2005

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