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To store or gather small to medium sized objects. Has the same meaning as "Take" or "Obtain" but is cooler and sounds more fun to say.
Created by Andrew Hussie for use in MS paint adventures
You captchalogue the super tasty and delicious sandwich.
Fool, you can't captchalogue a car unless you're King Kong!!!
by Hunterinabox June 27, 2011

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A thing that's popular among British Pre-Teens where they act like retards in order to get "1337 n0sc0p3s" in a Call Of Duty game while recording with their HD PVR to hopefully get famous on Youtube. But typically peak anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 subs. And then they block all the users who says that Twixtor is shitty editing.
Aww man look at that Trickshotter. He just cost me the fucking win!! ASDF FUCK!!!
by Hunterinabox December 16, 2011

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When someone puts something that isn't real or does something really moronic on a website in hopes of getting a high rating and/or lots of thumbs up.
Urban Dictionray:shark porn?dayturnal??macaroni and sneeze??? What the fuck this ain't Youtube!!!!

A Local News station: Give our Facebook page 25,000 thumbs and we'll donate $25,000 to the humane society. My reaction: what a bunch of fame whores. Don't they realize this ain't Youtube???
by Hunterinabox August 06, 2011

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When someone comes from a long line of slutty/whorish people and are slutty/whorish themselves. If someone just comes from a long line said people but aren't that way. They are NOT pedigrees.
She must've been a pedigree, no way a virgin could do it like that.
Oh man I think she was a pedigree, because I wanna do her a second time.
by Hunterinabox June 27, 2011

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