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someone who enjoys taking another life usually via xbox live
Eddie man i got a 20 kill streak on COD4 last night, i need to check into rehab. Im a full on Merkoholic, i live to Merk!!
by Hunter-UK September 18, 2008

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The place you send the legion upon legion of online gamers you have shot, stabbed, blown up ect....not a nice place to visit!
Eddie man, your punching tickets to Merksville left right n center...takin names n dealing pain!!
by Hunter-UK September 18, 2008

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Short for Maximum Xbox Time:

A moment in a mans life when he can unwind from the stress of the office, and take fools names via the joys of the xbox live system.
Eddie: Mark, the Mrs is out dancing tonight! you up for some MXT?

Mark: Hell yea i am, lets send em to Merksville
by Hunter-UK March 05, 2009

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