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A very large country in North America who consider themselves best in the world. But they are not. All presidents come from rich family because to be president, you need to be rich. If someone criticizes this country, they become angry and say things like "you're just jealous," why the hell would we be jealous of a place where you can't go faster than 55 without being pulled over and everyone solves disputes by waving guns around. They say that they saved the UK's arse (yes "arse" not "ass" ass is a donkey) from invasion in WW2 even though we'd saved our own two years before the US joined when the RAF won the Battle of Britain. They refuse to use the metric system or spell colour properly, full stop (no, not period, that's the blood that comes out a woman every month or so). The US asked us to go to Iraq with them and we did but they thanked us by repeated "friendly" fire. Now they want to pull out and leave us dealing with the mess they created. America think they can push every other country around and most prime ministers obviously agree. If i were prime minister, i'd tell the rich, stupid president a thing or two. For a start, they would have to get their planes the hell out of the UK and our overseas territories!
In conclusion, wouldn't it be great if the government of America collapsed and they could stop being such a hindrance to peace and happiness.
"Hey, lets go to the united states of america for our holiday"
"god no, do you want to get shot?"
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 03, 2007
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Collective noun for a group of year 7s (1st year of secondary school, 11-12s.
I left the canteen only to be swamped by a large annoyance of newbs.
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 06, 2007
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Collective noun for a group of Head teachers (principals).
A fascism of head teachers had gathered at Oxfordshire Education Department for a briefing of proper ways to make kids hate school.
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 06, 2007
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