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Alt/ Nig button

v., nig•ger•but•toned, nig•ger•but•ton•ing, nig•ger•but•tons.

1. To kill a cell phone call by pressing the ignore button while it rings. The caller is immediately sent to voice mail.

2. To kill a cell phone call by answering and hanging up immediately in one quick motion. This can be done discretely, or for dramatic effect (i.e. flipping open and slamming shut with both hands, or using pointer finger to stab at the end button).

3. A great way to say “fuck you” with out actually saying anything at all.
deej: did u hit jmax up yet?
brian: yea twice.. i got the nigger button
deej: hahaa.. what'd you just say...
brian: Nigger Button?
deej: nice
brian: yea hes prob jerkin off anyways
by HugeSpluge March 17, 2008

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A firm and swift chop to the vag requiring more force and accuracy than a ball tap to reach a similar pain level.
jack: yo amy's passed the fuck out on ur bed man u should go hit
deej: yea im not tryin to hit.. she smells like dicks
jack: good luck movin her yo
deej: cooter CHOP!!
by HugeSpluge March 17, 2008

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